RugbyGroup U7/8’s are a group of enthusiastic young boys with a hunger to win, these youngsters are dedicated and driven, with a spirit that can’t be broken!


This form of the sport is specifically designed as an introduction to Rugby for both boys and girls in an informal and fun format.

The emphasis is on safety, ball handling, teamwork and fun.

There is no tackling involved at this level, instead each player wears a belt around their waist which has two velcro TAGS attached, the idea is for the defending team to remove one of the tags from the ball carrying player at which point he/she is deemed to be tackled and must pass the ball.

Six tags removed (ie six “tackles” later) and the ball is passed over to the other team in order to share possession and ensure that everyone gets equal ball time.

Its fast, its fun, but most important its safe – the ideal introduction to any budding Jonny Wilkinson.

If you would like to try mini rugby ,come along to any minis Home fixture(check fixture list)and ask for “OZ”.